Rockin’ Tennis And Being A Positive Mirror




I love being proven wrong and I never get tired being amazed by my little guy. I didn’t name the blog “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child” for nothing people. 🙂 All the worry I had over Tuesday afternoon’s tennis difficulties were blown away yesterday when Michael did amazing at tennis in another park outside. Next time Mom will bring her racket and we’ll have a game! It was one of those gifts and perfect afternoons when a Mom sees the pride in her child’s eyes at succeeding and doing something he loves. His teacher and Dad, as I previously mentioned, were blown away by his performance at this indoor tennis class.

I know I have talked about this program before (and this is not a sponsored post, just this Mom’s opinion), but I will say it again. The program is out of this world, and I have seen Michael’s confidence and coordination improve so much since starting adapted tennis. You can check it out at Hearing him tell me “I’m proud Mommy,” and seeing his shy little grin, made my whole evening yesterday. There is nothing quite like seeing your child light up with pride in a big accomplishment. Nothing is greater to a parent.

This was also a good lesson to me, as I always say that Michael teaches me, to remember that tomorrow is another day, and our kids will always surprise us if we give them a chance to try new things, do their best, and show up for life. This has been an amazing week. My little guy is growing up. He is helping at home, he is getting used to sleeping alone again after a challenging two years of nighttime fears, and he is becoming interested in sports as well as trying new things. I am beyond proud of his spirit of adventure. He is making me more adventurous, and whenever I think of turning something down now as not being “Me”, I am learning to try it anyway. Life is an adventure, and only by embracing it, will  we be free and grow.


Exceptional Parents, how do your Exceptional Children blow you away? Do you give them opportunities to try new things, and do you make a habit of trying new things yourself, food, sports, places to go? As I’ve said before you are your child’s mirror. Reflect back to them that life is full of wonder and beauty and that is what they will become and manifest in their life. You’ll also have the bonus of seeing it manifest in your life. Until next time.

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