The Healing Art of Mapping and Music


Over the course of the last few weeks, I have seen a progressive change in Michael. He has become calmer, more focused, and more sensitive. He has his routine after school: snack, homework, then swinging in his basement swing while listening to music. After that, he goes on his Google Maps and navigate the city and then, under mine or his Dad’s watchful eye, he can look at some pop videos, usually just “lyrics only” as some of the content is questionable material for someone his age.

I think this routine works for him and gives me a chance to finish off some late day chores in the house. But mostly, I see that he is becoming more talkative. We talk about the music videos, what the songs mean, and he asks a lot of questions about where things are located, what streets, cross streets etc. This is Michael’s way of making sense of the world, and I am so glad he is finding his way. I and his Dad repeatedly tell him that his strengths lie in music and navigation. I also hear him singing the songs from the radio to himself or sometimes asking me if he forgets a tittle what the song is called. Usually though, is it Michael who tells me the name of the song. I have been wowed more than once when he has informed me which pop star sings which song.

 I used to worry so much when I saw how he wasn’t moving on from Barney. Now he is the one educating me on modern music! It’s very exciting to say the least. But most of all, what Michael has shown me, and continues to show me, is that anything is possible with time, with an open mind, and with a routine and order, a mind that was always anxious or stressed or stuck, can become unstuck. Yes, he will always struggle with anxiety and other issues, but he is learning to handle himself through these emotions. Other things will come with time.

Exceptional Parents, what have your Exceptional Children learned to do that have wowed you? What things did you not see coming and are so impressed that they mastered? Remember, our children’s ways of processing the world are different than ours. Their views are filtered through their own unique lens. Give them time to discover their talents, their strengths, and be there in the background to encourage them, as always. When they know they have you as a cheerleader, they will feel they can do anything. We all need that cheerleader in our lives. Until next time.

5 thoughts on “The Healing Art of Mapping and Music

  1. This is wonderful. I am glad to read of such progress. 🙂 I have definitely enjoyed watching my own growing this past year. Their interests and abilities are developing in some incredible ways. 🙂

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      1. Thanks! Well, we have seen increased flexibility when there is a change in routine, lacing shoes, and they are having some pretty deep thoughts about the world. We have some terrific conversations. In fact, my Thurs thought kind of goes along with that today. 🙂


  2. The magical powers of music! My younger sister participated in many music therapy sessions when she was recovering from a brain aneurysm, and I saw some amazing things happen when the children were around music. I’m glad to hear that you are seeing some positive changes in your child (from music or routine or mapping or whatever works!)

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    1. Yes, music is magic! My son is transformed by it, as are so many children and adults. He is very busy to do music therapy outside of school, but does get some in school. Next year we are hoping to do piano lessons and he is doing hip hop dancing this year.
      Wonderful to hear of your sister’s progress with recovering from her brain aneurysm due to music therapy. I hope she is well now. Thanks for sharing your story and for your support! 🙂


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