Exceptional Long Weekend And Mommy Spa Get Away!



So it’s the first long weekend of the summer, and our family is excited. Other than a sore back due to some over exuberant Zumba, I am feeling tip top and ready to go. Michael’s holiday weekend starts today with a PED DAY that we have planned out in advance. After his summer haircut it’s back home for some chores, lunch and a play date with a good friend in the afternoon. I am SO happy that they are calling for nice weather today and the rest of the weekend. It will help with moods.

Saturday (if the old back cooperates), it’s planting, lawn mowing and first BBQ of the Season Day along with a Date Night with Michael’s Dad. We are SO OVERDUE. Michael is excited to help with planting and some yard work and will love to see his sitter.

Sunday after church and some last minute packing, I am off after our family lunch, with a good friend for our annual ladies spa getaway, year three! And with a sore back this year, I definitively timed the getaway well. ūüôā ¬†This tradition started two years ago when I was starting my depression/burnout recovery, and a good friend of my husband’s recommended a nearby spa to start my healing process. My friend in question needed to get away too that year, (and really Moms and Dads, do we need an excuse for a spa night away? I didn’t think so.). Looking at their spa pictures alone, make me relax and I can’t wait to be there. ¬†It’s one of those package deals of a one night stay, a 60 minute massage along with access to the baths.¬†Recharging your parenting batteries is SO important. Michael has started understanding why we need our downtime to exercise, be with friends, or date nights.

Exceptional Parents, What are your long weekend plans? Are you going away as a family? Are you chilling in town, or doing a combination of both? Whatever you do, make sure to make it easy on your child with planning it out either on paper, talking about strategies to cope with the downtime, and make sure you have their sensory bag nearby if needed. Remember also to recharge your batteries. Long weekends need to have some downtime built in so don’t overdo it. Have a great one! Until next time.

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