Exceptional Vision Boards


I was visiting a friend not too long ago and I noticed she had done something wonderful. She had done a Vision Board with her Exceptional Son. A Vision Board is a Bristol board where one puts up pictures from magazines or other sources that show what we would like to accomplish in the near future and what we desire more of in our life. In her case, she tailored it kid’s style. It was pictures of her son doing various things that interested him and that he wanted to learn now or in the future. In one, it was him superimposed on an astronaut as he was curious about space, in another he is playing the keyboard, on a third painting etc. Well, as with adult Vision Boards, and I could attest to this with the two I’ve done, most of what you put on there, if it is really what you want and you look and meditate on it daily, will happen. Sure enough, my friend told me that everything on that board happened, (other than the astronaut) in the last year. I looked at her amazed, and knew that this was a great tool to use with Michael and any parent to use with their child if they are feeling sad and are not confident in themselves.

I have yet to do this with Michael. He has asked me lots of questions about my Vision Board, but so far does want to build his in the same way. He thinks it is like arts and crafts, though I have told him otherwise. A few years ago we did something close to this. Michael was going through a lot of fears about what he is capable of doing. I took pictures of him skating , swimming, playing soccer, and put them up on the wall in his room.

“See buddy. You don’t need to be afraid. You did all these things that were hard at first. Now you can do them. You’re a superstar.”

“I am Mommy?”

“Yes, and I believe in you, Daddy believes in you, and so does the rest of the family.”

He beamed from ear to ear. Visuals for our kids mean so much. It can boost their confidence to see what they are capable of. I have told Michael this is why I do Vision Boards now. They show me what I am aiming to achieve in that year, what I am dreaming of for the future, and helps manifest it. And, I kid you not, most of what is on the  board has already happened in the last five months that I have done the board. The power of our belief in ourselves, and in the Universe and God helping us get there, is strong. Anything is possible if we and those around us, believe in our potential.

Exceptional Parents,  how often do you tell your Exceptional Children that anything is possible? How often do you tell them to draw or write out their dreams on paper, Bristol board, or let them see videos of themselves succeeding? This is essential for all our kids to achieve success and believe that future success is possible. Start by praising all their efforts, encouraging their interests, and celebrating each and every victory. That is the core of building a successful future for you and them. Until next time.

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