4 Ways To Parent Better By Quieting Your Mind


All this week I have been seeing signs form the universe that have been telling me the same message: slow down, be quiet. And no, it’s not me telling Michael to keep quiet and gave me some Mom space, though as with any Mom, I have my moments. This goes deeper than that. This is about finding my inner strength again by quieting my mind properly and slowing down. One of the people sending me this message has been Michael ironically enough. He has been very independent this week, not asking to go anywhere, but content to swing downstairs or do his Google Maps or You Tube videos after his homework. Even when he was anxious about school the other day, he calmly told me about it. No tantrums, no fuss. His Dad was relatively calm too, but it’s been me who has been working at warp speed, thinking that way too, and have been feeling a little, well, like I can’t seem to get off the roller coaster.

May is a busy month for us, but it’s more than that. Finally, as I began to pay more attention to signs that God and the Universe were sending me about what has to change, I began to see very clearly what I had to do: be quiet and slow down. First, Michael making me alter the course of my day on Monday by him being home. It was great. I actually stopped mid morning to have a snack, I took a small break. I also had a lot of quiet when he was playing alone. And I slowed down. Tuesday I had a business conversation, and was given some really good advice about taking time to get quiet when making any decisions.  And last week, as my meditation has not been having the same effect on me due to, you guessed it, not slowing down, I learned why I couldn’t get quiet inside. I was moving too fast. So, guess what book fell down in the room when I was in there looking what to read next? “You Are Here” by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, who talks about living in the moment and doing things mindfully. By this point I was smiling in relief. Finally, I had my last gentle reminder.


Last night I attended a wonderful cafe at my church. And the lovely speaker talked about the very same things I have mentioned only she went deeper. She pretty much described by the ritual prayers and meditations she had us do around the theme of spring and renewal, the whole last year of my life and where I was now. Wow! What an experience. It made me think of how important it is for all Moms, all Exceptional Parents, to get still and quiet, and slow down on the inside. That is when growth will happen. But how do you do it? Here are 4 Ways that Have Helped Me Learn to Slow Down as an Exceptional Mom:

  1. Meditation and Yoga: When done properly, it opens up your body, mind and spirit to seeing the world in a different way.
  2. Prayer, resting and spending time in nature: These could go all together, or be done separately. This doesn’t necessarily mean structured prayer, or a nap, but whatever way you pay homage to the blessings in your life by stepping away from your immediate world and looking around you.
  3. Attend a talk or take a class that opens your mind: By opening your mind, you free it to think of other things, and learn new ways of being and existing.
  4. Keeping your eyes, ears and heart open for signs of what to do: This is a biggie. Now I know this sounds a little crazy, but it’s not. You will see signs that you are on or off the right path if you look for them. Try this: Ask a question to yourself, really it is to God or the Universe, about what you should do next. See what people, things, events transpire in the next few days. You will see a pattern and have your answer.

Exceptional Parents, how do you slow down and get quiet? What are your tricks for doing that? Are you showing these to your Exceptional Children? Remember, every opportunity you have is a chance to slow down and get quiet if you make the effort. You will enjoy life more and doors will open up as never before. This goes for your child too. Trust in your heart and in the power of the Universe and God to lead you down the right path. Until next time.






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