Exceptional Children Make Or Break You



Everything went very well at Michael’s re-evaluation visit yesterday for his autism. It was an exhausting day, but one where I believe many of Michael’s strengths were seen. We spoke alone to the doctors, with Michael and then Michael spoke alone to them. There was paperwork to fill out. It was a conversation about Michael, about us, and about our families and backgrounds. We talked about what made us and obviously what made Michael into the little person he is.  Then one of the doctors said it to us;

“It’s amazing. I’ve seen things turn out two ways when families have a special needs child. It either makes them stronger or weaker. Michael has made you both stronger and made your family stronger as a unit. It seems he is raising you to be better parents.”

We nodded and agreed along with her. It was nice that they got it, our connection, and of course were blown away by Michael’s intelligence, charm, and were happy to hear that we were getting help for his problem areas, his self-regulating difficulties and anxiety. We will have two more visits with them before the process is completed. I am happy that we have gotten it started. And Michael of course did great. He loved navigating to a new place, promptly announced he loved the place after checking it out, and was happy that in the end, he came home with us as it was too late to take him back to school. What kid doesn’t like a day off from school.

Exceptional Parents, how do you feel your Exceptional Child has made you and your family, stronger or weaker? Yes, we all have our days, but I think the majority of us will agree that our kids are raising us to be better human beings, and that they have opened up our eyes to what is possible to achieve if we believe in ourselves and in them. Until next time.

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