Day: April 28, 2016

Scooter Time and Dad Love- Exceptional Boy Bonding




It was a sight the other day, Dad and son coming back from an after supper scooter ride. I felt my heart fill with happiness to see the two of them, happy and relaxed after enjoying some beautiful weather and each other’s company. Though Michael is still very close to me, lately I’ve been hearing other echoes in his voice.

“I miss Daddy. I want to play with Daddy. I want Daddy to put me to bed.”

These are words that are music to my ears. Not only because after many years of being the main caretaker I think it’s safe for me to say that I’d like more than one or two nights a week off when I’m at my writer’s groups, but also because it means Michael and his Dad are getting closer. As Michael gets older, like many boys, he identifies with his father more. He wants to do thing with him, he imitates him, for better or worse, (like he used to do me), and he is starting to push me away and demand Daddy time. This is also a victory as there was a time that Dad wasn’t as available to Michael as he is now. Long story short, it was difficult for them to bond. It had nothing to do with love. Michael’s father has loved him from Day 1, but it took him a little while longer to come to terms with Michael’s exceptional status and deal with his own issues around that. I’m happy to say that now, as I have said in many posts, that we are truly at the top of team Michael, after Michael himself, of course, in helping Michael succeed.


Exceptional Parents, in your family is there one parent who is more involved in the day to day handling of raising your Exceptional Child or is it evenly divided? And if not, are you seeing a trend with your child moving toward the same sex parent? It is natural at a certain age for a girl to identify with her mother and a boy to his father. If your child is doing that it is a healthy sign and congratulate yourself. If not, don’t despair. Keep encouraging the relationship to develop, give the other parent and child time alone together and let time pass. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Until next time.