Exceptional Navigation and Talents-Career Building

Michael loves directions as I’ve alluded to in previous blogs. It’s been wonderful to see. What’s coming out now in the last two weeks is how Michael will navigate on his own to future places we will be going to. If he already knows the address, he will use Google Maps and find the streets, sometimes even finding his own shortcuts. It’s amazing how his brain works. I have thought of Temple Grandin and her book “Thinking In Pictures.” This is how she was able to see designs and do things in a totally different way from her neuro- typical peers.

What I am also enjoying is when Michael will ask me for the address of the place we are going, type it into Google Maps and find the way himself. He has surprised us and gone to a friend of ours’ house, a member of my writer’s group or a school or store. It’s amazing to see as he is practicing navigating, spelling, and fine motor when on the computer. I have to watch his audio visual time. Last night he spent a long time on audio visual and it affected his sleep. He was still up waiting for me when I came home after 9:00 pm from one of my writers’ groups.


Watching Michael honing his love of directions and navigating once again has reminded me of the importance of taking the time to practice and keep at doing something we love. For me, it’s obviously writing and helping other parents connect. He is reminding me of how important it is to practice what we love doing so it becomes second nature and our talent and enjoyment increases.

Exceptional Parents, what sets your soul on fire and makes you excited? What makes your child excited? Whatever their talent or hobby is, remember this can become a career, something that helps them be a contributing and positive member in their community. Each one of us has something to offer the world. It’s important we nurture it. Until next time.



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