Exceptional Future Plans-Embracing Change

I love when Michael talks about the future. He will talk about his job one day, his wife and kids, and all the fun things he is going to do. He will make comments about what kind of parent he will be. I can’t help but be reminded of my brother and I at his age.

“I will let my children have more junk food than you do Mommy. And they will be able to stay up late.”

“Well Michael, that will be your choice. You’ll be the parent. Now you are the child.”

“I know Mommy and I have to follow your rules.”

“That’s right.” I smile.

I am also smiling as my brother and I would also think about what WE would do as parents differently from my folks. I was going to be less strict, have more patience and not yell. Well, I’m learning to do less of that now, but not until after I’d made those mistakes. We all have such plans when we are young. If we are lucky, we follow through with them. If not, we learn from our past mistakes then move forward to feeling better.

What I especially love is Michael’s confidence in himself, and in what he can do. It’s growing every day, and even when he has a tough day he is learning to use his strategies. Michael is reminding me I need to continue to do that when I am scared. He is also following through on difficult things. He’ll tell us he is scared, but still does it. That is what I am now. I am challenging myself to make scary future plans, scary in the fact that it is exciting plans for my future that I would have been too terrified to do before. But the new me, the Mom who learned to advocate for herself by advocating for her son, is embracing this change.

Exceptional Parents, what are your Exceptional future plans for you? What are your Exceptional plans for your child? We all want our kids to be happy, healthy and independent. We all want them to be and do things that make them feel like useful contributing members of society. Make sure you yourself are planning the same things for you. This way you and your child can have a wonderful future to look forward to. Until next time.

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