Swinging and Music As Exceptional Release



Michael’s latest way to unwind and balance himself out is to use swinging combined with pop, hip hop or rock music he hears on the radio. He has told me, especially the last few days with unexpected snow and rain, “I need to stim a few more days with music and swinging in the basement. Then I will listen to music upstairs and rock on the couch.
As always, I am proud that he is recognizing what his body needs to try and handle his emotions, the way his body experiences the world, and just general stress and anxiety. I am happy he is recognizing how to do this, while I worry how much his body is affected by our atmospheric changes. I think all of us are, to a certain extent, but with children whose vestibular systems work differently, they experience emotions and physical sensations differently too. I feel bad for him, but am glad he is recognizing what he needs to do.

I am also seeing how I am affected by weird weather. Over the last three years, my seasonal allergies have worsened, I feel sore when the barometric pressure is high, and I am learning what I need to do to take care of my physical health and finding what works for my body and mind. Daily meditation and weekly exercise help me handle allergies better. Lemon water is helping me this year have a strong immune system, and I am finally realizing how important the sleep, exercise and fresh air balance is to my system. Michael, as with other things, has opened up my eyes to the way my body works. I am also learning that unlike when I was a child, I cannot swing for long periods of time. I get dizzy. I know when I need to be with people. I know when I need to be alone. I know when I need to write, listen to music, walk, or move in general. I have learned how to listen to my body and mind thanks to Michael.

How does your Exceptional Child cope with weather and environment changes ? What ways do they balance their bodies? Do they swing, rock, flap? Whatever it is, just like you when you run, power walk, meditate, read, or do whatever your body needs to unwind and cope with stress, they are doing the same thing to feel as good in their body as they can. It’s important that Exceptional Parents recognize what they and their children need to do for balance and wellness inside their own skin, and then go for it. Until next time.


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