Day: April 8, 2016

Exceptional Loves And Struggles

Michael loves stories and reading. His particular love of planets, galaxies, and learning about law enforcement are what are his main interests are now. I am proud of him for these interests and for his love of reading and his questions about the world around him. ¬†It shows me he is growing up,. He is curious about the world around him and wants to investigate. It is helpful for me to see this when we are having tough behavioral weeks like this week. The weird weather, the eventful week of a concert and the school routine being different, all have taken their toll and we’ve seen our share of behavioral issues all week in the day and night. Still, I take comfort in his maturity in other areas. We have just got to continue being firm with him around his issues of control and gentle with him concerning his nighttime fears. I feel like most nights I am walking on a tightrope as there are real fears of the dark, combined with real power wars of him wanting to be in charge. So we are all stuck somewhere in the middle of all of this. Striking that balance is tricky, but we are finding our way out. Some nights are easier than others, some are harder.

This morning I read a social story with Michael about handling anger and anxiety before they overwhelm him. This is a tricky area too, as he is always sorry for losing his temper, hitting himself or us, insulting and not listening, but only realizes this after the fact that that is what he is supposed to do. Sometimes I am better at seeing the signs he is off. ¬†Yesterday afternoon there was lots of stimming, walking around bare feet, and with the rain he did more audio visual than he probably needed to, though I made sure it was finished by five-thirty. It’s a balancing act parenting an Exceptional Child, and one where you are constantly being shown your own strengths and weaknesses and having to find that right amount of love and discipline to help your child feel secure.

Exceptional Parents, what do you still struggle with in terms of relating to your Exceptional Children, and what is getting easier to do with them? We all have our challenging areas. Sleep is and has always been our family’s challenge. I think as long as we keep an open mind about trying new things, show firm love, and be prepared for pretty much anything, we will get through the tough moments and enjoy the beautiful ones with our children. Until next time.