Long Walks And Exceptional Conversations

A few weeks ago when the weather was nicer, Michael and I did something we had not done in awhile. We went for a long walk and talked about things on his mind, silly things, serious things, and everything in between. Despite talking a lot and having an easier time expressing himself, it is hard for Michael to fully tell me what he is feeling at times. That is why on walks it is easier. I love these times with him, though it is sometimes tiring walking and talking at the same time! (This is incentive for Mom to get back into regular exercising alone EVERY week, but I digress). I am always amazed by Michael’s questions about life, his observations around him, his knowledge of where we are directions-wise and where he is going in other areas. I love his curiosity about the world, about life around him, and about people. This is how you learn, I am never tired of telling him.

Seeing Michael like this, reminds me about how I am at my best when I exhibit curiosity about the world, and about the people and places around me. When I walk and move in general, it empties my mind of stress and fills it with positive thoughts and ideas to push me further into personal growth and happiness, as an individual and as a Mom. Once again, Michael is showing me the way here, as many children remind us “adults” how to open ourselves up to learning new things, exploring and being in the “joy of the moment.”

Exceptional Parents, what do you learn when you are out and about with your Exceptional Children, particularly on walks or out playing? I’m sure when they are physical and moving it gets their brains going in a whole new direction and yours too. I’m sure your communication, in whatever way you communicate, is better, and you are both able to grow as individuals. Never underestimate the power of movement and exercise to help stimulate the brain in a whole new way. Until next time.

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