Exceptional Scootering


With the weather we’ve been having in our neck of the woods it has not been conducive to spending a lot of time outside, but a week ago when it was beautiful, Michael went out for the first time on his scooter. It was wonderful seeing him trying out something new. It was not like the one he said he went on at school, where he went on his belly, but still he pushed himself off several times and moved himself through the streets of our local neighborhood. As always, I loved to see his concentration, the attention he paid when doing something new and how he knew his limits for the first time out.

“That was fun Mommy. I’m tired now. Can we bring the scooter home?”

We did, and now he is talking excitedly about his next scooter adventure. Like with all new things he tries, Michael is positive, does his best, and keeps going until he needs a break. We always give that to him, especially when we see how he is doing his best. I love his spirit, his sense of adventure, and how ‘matter of fact’ he is when he is done. He is direct, no nonsense, and like a lot of things in his life, he approaches thing directly.

Watching him soar also showed me how unafraid he is, within reason of course, to try new things, how he is beginning to believe in himself, and despite some lingering fears, how he is adventurous in trying new things. He has passed that same spirit down to his father and I. We love him more with each passing day for spirit, that wonderful attitude that a lot of so-called ‘regular’ people don’t have, which is the attitude of fun, adventure, and trying out new things.

What new things do your Exceptional Children try and like to do? What adventures do they take you on? It’s important for all of us to embrace the unknown, to do our best to figure out where our limits are, then surpass them, just like our kids. My son is phenomenal, all our Exceptional Children are in their own way, and it is up to us to remember that and to show them that all people how the ability to be phenomenal, extraordinary and lead a life of purpose and joy. Until next time.

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