Exceptional Rebirth and Renewal This Spring


So today is the last day of March, the end of the month and the rain is washing away the little snow that remains on the ground. Spring signals a new time of renewal, rebirth and moving in a new direction. This Spring I can honestly see that I am being reborn in my personal life, my career and in my spirituality. I am learning about the changes I need to make to be the best woman, mother and overall human being I can be. I am learning about how we are all connected to each other on some level, and how when one of us suffers, we all suffer. Michael, as usual, has been at the fore front teaching me this.

“Mommy, why are you talking in your mad voice? Every morning, you are using it!” He utters this in frustration one morning.

He’s right. I have been talking in my mad voice. I have been mad due to the fact that I am struggling to balance his night fears with working late after he goes to bed, and then not being able to get up as early as I want to get a head start before he gets up. Not being a morning person, I am naturally grouchy in the morning, but my poor little guy has been taking it personally. Like all children, if I am mad, it must be at him. So I answered him back as honestly as I can.

“Honey, I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to wake up in the morning and I’m a little grouchy. But I’m not mad. I just need to get organized.”
This was met with a big smile and off he went. It was so good we had this conversation. Now when he is talking to me in a grouchy or rude tone (yes, I have done the same :)) I call him on it gently. And you know what, he thanks me and cheers right up!

It’s so important that we check in with ourselves as parents. It’s important we see the “why” of our feeling and behavior. It’s important we do our best to learn from our past mistakes, teach our children to do the same, and make change a positive thing where we grow as people and help others.

Exceptional Parents, what rebirth as you striving for this Spring in yourselves? That is the first way you can be the best advocate for your child. It is also the first way to live a life of true meaning, gratitude and openness. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. Learn from your anger, be honest about what you need, and seek ways to become a whole person this spring. You will not regret the road it will take you on, nor the effect you will have on your child who put you on that road in the first place. Until next time.

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