Exceptional Bromance and Growing Up


Michael has a friend that has truly become special to him. They are more like brothers than friends. Some people have even told me they look alike. It’s not that surprising as they are both from a similar background. I have referred to this friend at first as Michael’s BFF, but then started calling him Michael’s soul brother, for I feel that is what he is. They think alike in many ways, have a lot of the same interests, yet even if one of them is into doing something different, the other one will switch activities to make his buddy happy. It’s been beautiful to see as Michael is maturing in understanding people’s general emotions around him, he is learning how to be an excellent friend to his buddy. And he loves this buddy.

Yesterday morning there were some behavioral issues going on, and after he finally calmed down enough to apologize for his behavior towards me, I told him he could gain back a play date with his soul brother in the pm after showing me he could listen all morning. And listen he did, beautifully. He even pointed out to me when I was becoming agitated and gently reminded me to calm my thoughts and speak in my “happy voice.” The kid is nothing if not astute, and a quick learner, I have seen. Of course he gained back the play date, had a wonderful afternoon with his friend and I with the Mom, and we even went to the park afterwards. He got to burn off even more energy and some of that spring fever!

Exceptional Parents, do your Exceptional Children have soul brothers or sisters among their friends? Are they blessed to connect with another person their age so closely? If not, don’t despair. They will find that individual in time. What I have found works is to encourage any friendships where there are common interests, laughter and similar temperaments. Often teachers can give you a good idea about the kids in your child’s class that they have a good connection to. Be gentle, encourage them to explore, and in time your child will find their soul mate in a friend. It opens up the world for them socially and intellectually, and teaches them to be the best people they can be. Michael is a wonderfully compassionate little boy who has made many friends thanks to an adapted school where he is among peers who are all exceptional in some way. And all of his friends have enhanced the goodness already in him, the kindness, the humor, the curiosity, and have opened up both his, his father’s and my world for the better. I wish the same for you and your Exceptional Child. Until next time.


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