Day: March 29, 2016

Sensory Massages And Exceptional Love

Well, Spring Fever arrived with a bang in our house! Michael is energetic and doing his musical stimming/ exercising on his swing downstairs with the radio blaring, and using the rocking chair in his old baby room at other times. I am also performing both Qigong Massage and Wilbargher Protocol massages at bedtime and sometimes Wilbargher Protocol in the daytime even. I can see how it is helping Michael.  I literally feel the tension melting away as I massage him, and like in previous Spring seasons and at times when he has let me do the massage or massages on him, he is so loving towards me afterwards, and even more communicative! 🙂  Who wouldn’t be with a killer massage, never mind two, right? 🙂 But all jokes aside, this is so important for his system, vestibular and for the rest of it. I don’t look at warmer weather, spring temperature changes and full moons the same way anymore!


I have also been noticing how being organized with social stories, keeping physically busy, and seeing friends is helping me as well. My maternal grandmother used to quote that famous saying, “idleness is the devil’s work.” Thanks to her and Michael, I am now living it, keeping busy at home, with Michael, with my job, and in general staying active on all fronts. Lord knows there are always things to do in a house as most families would agree.

Michael, as usual, is showing me the pace to take for my spring season. He is helping me get back into long walks, exercising, connecting with friends that we sometimes don’t see in the cold winter months and massages. He is reminding me that I need to book myself one soon and hopefully plan another ladies getaway to a spa later in the spring. 🙂

Exceptional Parents, how do your Exceptional Children handle the Spring time? Are they active when the weather warms up, and if so, what kind of activities do they enjoy? Does this help you be more active with and without them? Remember, a healthy mind begins with a healthy body. Take care, get out there and enjoy moving, socializing and living each moment of your life. Until next time.