Day: March 28, 2016

Testing And Regulating-Exceptional Growth

I have been watching Michael for awhile and so have many close family and friends. What I keep hearing from all of them, and what I have been thinking, is what a mature little man Michael is turning into. Despite and in spite of the difficulties, I have seen him rise to the occasion more than once with some wonderful detail and observation on someone else’s difficult time or how they could have handled a situation better.

A few times he has pointed out to me when I have been short tempered unnecessarily and overreacted to things he has said or done or other people have done. He has been right ninety-nine percent of the time! And he is helping me see what I can improve in my life. I also saw him comment on a little boy’s behavior in church which was not appropriate and speak of what he needed to do and how he needed to act. This made me proud that he was observing and learning from his own mistakes.

Then of course there are the times he is testing with challenging behavior to see how far he can push me or his father to get his own way. I admire his chutzpah, his courage in testing his boundaries and just how far he can push us. I’ve also learned how to push back though, and show him how far is far enough. By far, last week was a challenging week for us, but Easter went surprisingly smoothly. I think it was due to our prep work, Michael seeing how far he could go good and bad, and Michael’s own maturity. I was very proud of my little guy and continue to be proud of his progress. He is helping me to progress every day. We are both growing.

In what ways have your exceptional children helped you grow by testing your boundaries and their own? Look for the little ways, even through the challenges that they are growing and making you grow. You will be surprised and amazed at the beauty you will see and you will see them and yourself change for the better. Until next time .