Easter Celebrations- A Time of Rebirth

So it’s Easter weekend. We decorated the house, are planning to take Michael to the animal petting zoo this afternoon, (a family favorite since he was two years old), and will be coloring our Easter Eggs on Saturday morning with the colorful food dye before our first round of celebrations with one side of the family followed by round two on Sunday afternoon after church and a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. It doesn’t feel like Easter outside though. We had snow and freezing rain the last two days. They are calling for nice warmer sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday though. I’m glad as Michael has been asking about going to parks, and we are hoping to try out his new scooter that his paternal grandparents got him either on Saturday or Sunday.

Exceptional Parents, what do you do to celebrate Easter and Spring? How do you and your family embrace the season? What challenges do you face? Remember one thing, even with the hard times of winter in your child’s and your life, Spring will come, joy will bloom, and life will begin again. Happy Spring and Happy Easter everyone! Until next time.

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