Exceptional Team Update


It just struck me the other day that in spite of some rough moments, our family is doing very well. I promised to keep you all updated on our Exceptional Team and who we would add to it due to the challenges we had in the fall and early winter. Well, good news. So far, it seems that the changes we’ve made in our family life itself with our existing team of school therapists, psychologist, and home Psycho Educator seems to be enough. Dare I say it and jinx us. I’ll take the chance. What has also changed in the dynamic is that I am being more honest with myself and where I am in my parenthood journey. I am noticing when self-care has not been strong and am fixing it. And, despite some minor blips, Michael’s Dad and I are communicating better at parenting him. We have our ups and downs, and it’s been awhile again that we sat down and compared notes as I call it. There was an incident recently that occurred between Michael and his Dad, because of our lack of communicating that we were on the same page with Michael. It’s important to touch base as parents. This is so important for all parents, but especially if you are parents of a special needs child.

A lovely parishioner today who is a young Mom with two children, made me smile when she spoke of the patience Michael’s Dad and I have with him and how we deal with all issues, good and bad. She spoke that as someone in the health care field herself, she saw burnout every day and how important it was that we find that patience in us to carry on. She also spoke about how kids pick up when we are not calm. I wholeheartedly agreed with her on that one. I think in the end, it’s about giving ourselves a break when things are tough and giving space to those other adults around us.


Michael has sometimes reminded me of patience too, and showed me how to slow down. Ironically, he has helped me learn to relax more, in order to show him a good example on taking time to live in the moment. Our children really do make us into better people, I think.

Exceptional Parents, who is on your team? There are more than professionals on it, I’m sure. Family, friends, people you meet at public places who rally in your corner, like the lady at church, and your child too, of course. All of these individuals are your team for your child. Always remember that when you despair that you are alone, know that you and your child are on a journey together, a journey of growth, beauty and joy. It will get better. It always does. Until next time.


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