Exceptional Spring Fever and This Mom’s Growth


This week has been quite the week with the hour change. It’s felt like that period of the full moon back in December. I’ve experienced Michael as extremely silly, other times anxious, and still at other times he’s been testing those boundaries again with pushing for more time to play, more portions of food, or more control over a situation. Most of the week though, other than at bedtime when he’s been a little clingier than usual (I blame the hour change), I’ve been noticing that extra burst of energy, the even extra bounce in his step. Spring is indeed in the air! He has been talking about bike riding, playing soccer, summer camp. We’ve had conversations about how he can’t wait to go to parks, swim outside and ride his bike. And the walks, oh yes, he is looking forward to going on walks all over the neighborhood with his father and I. His favorite haunts are walking to the various parks around our home, and of course, his favorite local shopping center. 🙂 He also loves when we take his favorite busy stretch of street due to all the traffic. This kid loves traffic.

I’m feeling an excitement too with Spring in the air. Spring traditionally has been the time of rebirth. The earth, the plants, the trees everything is coming back to life after the winter rest and it is kind of a chance to start over, renew, grow again. I, like everyone else, am looking forward to doing more fun things outside, walking, swimming, biking, going to the beach, and just in general, enjoying feeling physically and psychologically lighter. As Michael has gotten older and I have learned more about self-care, I enjoy keeping busier with him than ever before. I know my limits, and I know his. I know when it’s time we chill out at home, (though with Michael the rest is usually brief due to his high energy level :)) and I like exploring new things to do with him, new places, activities and meeting new people. I used to be so shy. It is still natural for me to be in the corner of a room during a party instead of center stage like my son. But Michael is not giving up in converting me to be a more social person, from all the people he knows everywhere we go who come up to us to say hi, to teachers and friends who tell me what a joy he is to teach and interact with, to Michael himself that dares me to go on adventures with him, take this new way around the world and be myself.

Exceptional Parents, do your Exceptional Children have Spring Fever? Do you take you on cool adventures around your neighborhood? Do they help you see the world in a different and unique way? I’m sure they do. All of our children are unique, have a way of seeing the world that is special, and if we are lucky as their parents, they invite us in to explore with them. Wishing you all a wonderful Spring and happy exploring! Until next time.

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