Exceptional Report Cards And Dealing With New Elements

Today is Parent/Teacher Interviews at Michael’s school, and I am so very proud of him as usual. He has an amazing report card with progress in every area and the comments I keep seeing are, “Michael is so positive, eager to learn and a good friend to his classmates. We are very pleased with him.” It’s music to a Mom’s ears, and tomorrow in addition to hearing the usual positive stuff as well as how I can further support his challenging areas, Michael will also have a St. Patrick’s Day party at school and a scavenger hunt. He is excited about these activities, but is nervous about a slight change in his schedule; staying behind after school in a special after school program that the school has once a year on Parent/Teacher Interviews Day. Usually he goes to see his grandparents, but as they are still a little under the weather recovering from the flu, this is our best bet. Because he has never done it before Michael is scared. I wrote a social story for him that we read a few times so that he could feel he has a little control over things. That is what it is about control and feeling that he is master of his destiny. I hope this small gesture can give him some comfort as he learns to navigate the world.


I completely understand where he is coming from. There are times I want to know everything possible about what is happening so I could have that full control, being a tad on the anxious side myself. But if there is one thing I have learned in life, is that learning to “go with the flow” and leave some things up to fate will usually help life turn out better, even better than if we had planned things. This takes time to accept and come to terms with, and for some of us, it only happens in adulthood.

Exceptional Parents, how good are you at letting go and going with the flow in your own life and with your Exceptional Children? How do you help your children and yourself find the balance between the two? I think it’s a matter of reminding yourself you have some control, and the rest is in the hands of a Higher Power who will guide you along the way if you are open for it.  The important thing is that your children learn from your positive experience of balance in your life. Until next time.

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