Intimate Marital Connections And Risks


I am proud of the small steps Michael’s Dad and I are making in taking care of ourselves as individuals, as well as spending time with Michael. Making time for us as a couple is more difficult, but at at least we are aware of what we need to change. What works best is planning in advance for a “date night” whether that is going out somewhere and arranging a sitter, or a quiet evening in. This month has been hectic for both of us with work and with Michael’s schedule so we have not had a lot of energy by night time. Either he or will crash early, but we are finding ways to communicate, even if it’s just texting each other during the day. I have joked with my friends that my marriage is lived on “text”, but on the hectic busy days it is better than nothing, as they say.

With Michael I am seeing a smooth transition where Dad takes him to activities and they do their evening bonding during the week. I’ll step in when I have to if Michael’s Dad is having a hard day and he will do the same thing. I can see that though there is work to do still, as a couple we are getting stronger. I also see how both of us have learned to ask for what we need to be strong. For me, attending my writer’s meetings in the evenings is important, and for my husband his evening workouts and personal time is important for him. We have both learned to ask for this time around taking care of Michael, and it is working well for us. I am happy that we are both doing this. Michael has helped us see what we need to do to be strong, happy, and healthy people.

Exceptional Parents, how have your Exceptional Children helped you to grow as an individual and in your relationships? To me, Michael has helped to open my eyes to how I need to prioritize time, objectives, and things that are important to me. him being at the top of the list. Remember, when you are strong in yourself, in your  relationships, you are strong for your child to guide them to success in their life. Until next time.

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