Exceptional Mom Escapes And New Adventures


The other day while sitting doing a “Hamann Experience” in a local spa with a friend, letting the warm water in the Jacuzzi style tub soak away the stress on my body and enjoying a good catch up conversation with her, I realized how far I’d come. By that I mean that two years ago I would have felt so guilty slipping away to do this while Michael was at school and his Dad was at work. I would have admonished myself “you should be at work too, writing, networking for your business, reading, cleaning.” I would have felt so guilty doing anything that included taking care of myself. I would have used different words, of course. They would have sounded like proper things to do, whereas taking care of me was WAY down on the list. It wouldn’t have mattered that this was reasonably-priced, even as short as a year ago, I would have had to do some convincing to indulge in some self-care after a hectic and busy Spring Break with Michael at home. I had fun catching up with my friend in a beautiful environment that didn’t break the bank. This set the tone for that entire day and my entire week of being back in the swing of life and my business and things have only started looking up from there. l have Michael to thank. Once again my desire to be as strong an advocate, parent and example for him is helping me learn how to be strong, happy and relaxed myself.

The fact that I am able to do outings like this once in awhile, along with my weekly and bi-monthly writers’ meeting and monthly meet ups with friends for coffee, shows me that my body, mind and soul are aligned with what I need to live a full and happy life and teach Michael to do the same. It’s so important when you realize that the once impossible is not only possible now, but that you are doing it and living what you want to live. And isn’t that exactly what we are trying to teach our Exceptional Children? We are trying to show them that nothing is impossible, and that with small changes, trying new things every day, the once difficult things to indulge in will come as naturally as breathing itself. My changes for me at first happened hourly, then daily, weekly and then the changes became part of my life.

Exceptional Parents, what changes do you need to make in your life or what changes have you made that show you how far you’ve come? What changes has your Exceptional Child made that show you the same? Remember, each day doing something a little different towards your goal, be it more attention to self-care, a family or friend, a business, means going easy on yourself and taking it slow. These are the same lessons you can teach to your Exceptional Child so that they too can realize their goals and have long term success. Until next time.

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