Michael’s and My Exceptional Sixth Sense


I have always known that I had a sixth sense. My Mom helped me learn to trust it from a young age. It was more than a gut feeling. I would sense people were about to call me before they did. It could be friends or business acquaintances, and I find that as long as my motive is pure and free of stress it happens. As I have learned to let go and trust the universe more, it has started happening more often lately and in a good way. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Michael has this same ability to read people’s minds, and especially mine. Though he has comprehension difficulties due to his autism, he senses what people are thinking. I will think about a question to ask him and he will answer it before I know it. Yesterday afternoon I was thinking about his Spring Concert and when the date would be. I wasn’t going to ask him though as I knew the teacher would be sending a note home. Michael looked me in the eye and answered with the date. I checked with the teacher who is in the process of confirming that very date, which she told the students would most likely be the concert. Amazing. And I know this won’t be the first or last time he does this.

There have been so many times in the past that I would worry about how Michael would fare in the world. I worried about his ability to cope, handle stress, learn the three r’s as they say. He is slowly learning all those things, important to be sure, but I see how important this other skill is to have too. He is learning how to read people, and really understand what they are about and where they are going. Michael also can tell when a person is not so nice. I have very rarely seen him have negative reactions to people, but the few he has I am sure there was more to it than met the eye. I’m sure there was something about that person that was not authentic, not kind, or not true. Michael, like with everything else, is helping me to trust my inner gut with people reading and learn to go with the flow of the universe. My sixth sense and intuition are valid tools to forge ahead and build my ideal future.

Exceptional Parents, do you notice your Exceptional child behaving differently around certain people? Do you notice an awareness when you or others are stressed, that is even more attuned than the rest of us? If so, you are not alone. Many parents of Exceptional Children report that. I say go with it. Encourage it in your children. It will help them build resilience, trust in what they can do, and I encourage all of you as well to trust your sixth sense, as a parent, as a person in all areas of your life. It will not lead you in the wrong direction. Until next time.

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