Exceptional Family Connecting With Cosmic Kids Yoga And Communication


Michael made two beautiful connections with me today. It was one of those moments that I thought to myself that he knows what I need as well as what he needs. And he knows what we need to grow together as individuals and as a family and get stronger. I have been letting him have carte-blanche with audio visual this week as it is Spring Break. I have also been allowing this as I have to do some work in the mornings for my writing, speaking and future coaching business, even though I am technically “off” this week. Every small business owner knows you are never really off when it’s your own business. Still, as the parent with the flexibility in her schedule, I am the one home with Michael and doing most of the down time with him.

We have scheduled some structured activities, but in the mornings it is our down time. I do  my yoga and meditation, and some work, and when I am done come upstairs from my office to join Michael and do some activities before lunch and meeting up with friends. Today when I came up a beautiful thing happened. Michael took me by the hand and asked me to do yoga with him, a great kids yoga series called “Cosmic Yoga” on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga. He chose the “Star Wars” one in particular. It was such a beautiful moment .I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, a huge yoga fan, and each time we have done yoga together I have felt a huge sense of connection with Michael. He does this yoga series at school sometimes and was so proud to share it. 🙂  He is not often interested in doing this with me, so today I found this quite meaningful. I was feeling a little stressed this morning when some work stuff took me longer to do. Yoga helped me calm down. Doing Michael’s yoga with him helped me feel even more zen. We had such a good day together after that. The feelings of stress relief lingered for hours afterwards.

Another moment came just before we left a trampole place near our home where Michael had a play date with a very close friend. We had forgotten his headphones as I knew it would be busy yesterday with Spring Break. He had come many times to “check in” with me and his friend’s Mom. When it came time to leave, he told me how hard it was for him without his headphones and that was why he needed to come and see me. I asked him if he had fun. He said he had a blast with his buddy, but wanted to let me know how he felt. I couldn’t believe it. He was expressing his feelings, and even being very verbal, this was something challenging to him in the past. Wow. He had come a long way. We had come a long way. I listened in amazement. Then I asked him to come in for a hug and told him how proud of him I was for expressing himself and opening up. When you open up, you risk. When you risk, things could go wrong. My little boy was losing his fear of risk. This was a huge milestone for any child, but for a child with autism this was incredible!

Exceptional Parents, how do you and your Exceptional child connect? Have you had moments of beautiful surprise when they let you in? I’m sure you have. What did it feel like? What did it look like? Remember and hold on to those feelings. They will be important to help grow your relationship with your child, and help you both achieve the next level of family intimacy. Until next time.


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