Theatrical Performances and Exploration


Michael has been finding different ways to bond with Dad. They went from playing ball downstairs, to playing with figurines or board games, to puzzles, and now this week, to filming Michael singing and acting for camera while he beat boxes music. At first, his Dad and I thought it was just that one night he was exploring. He will see me putting up pictures on my blog or Facebook and tell me, “Mommy, can we take a picture of this to put on Facebook?” It’s been so cute, but never has he tried something like this, actually wanting us to record him performing. And wow! He is singing, rocking, talking and acting like a professional. He has performed songs a capella beautifully, made up songs, and done silly little routines.

“Record me Daddy.” I will hear him saying. They have played back some of the videos and it was incredible. I am seeing a new confidence emerge from Michael, and I keep encouraging him as does his Dad.


“I told you Buddy, you belong in the theater with dancing and singing.” I see it. Even at school he is more shy, but I can’t wait for him to blossom, come out of his shell, and shine up on stage like he does at home. I see him doing great things, whether professionally one day personally or both. Acting, singing, dancing, it brings out the inner beauty of all of us and helps us grow. I can’t wait to see where this next leg of Michael’s exploration will take him and us.

Exceptional Parents, what type of art do you Exceptional Children like to do? Are they musicians, actors, dancers, writers, storytellers, or a combination of all three? Help them explore these avenues of creativity by exposing them to what they gravitate to. Music is a great start. It opens up the channels of communication for our kids, it opens up their world. See where they go from there. The most important thing to remember is to let them be themselves, and just like I’ve observed, your child will surprise you with what they can do. Until next time.

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