Exceptional Play Dates and Going With the Flow

So today is day 2 of March Break. Things are going really well. We had some last minute changes with bad weather yesterday, so did not go out of town as planned. That has been postponed until another day. Michael did great with this change of plans, and instead was content with a McDonald’s Happy Meal lunch then family public swim at a wonderful community pool near our home. It made me feel slightly less guilty about the Happy Meal, but I digress. đŸ™‚ Mom enjoyed herself too feeling like a kid again in the water, playing with the rafts, noodles, and giving Michael piggy back rides while mugging for the camera. Dad was the photographer and had a rest as he did sledding both days on the weekend! And this morning he did super well with our Psycho Educator. I am so proud of my little guy!

Scheduling our March Break has worked wonderfully for our family over the last two years. When Michael is busy with activity, play dates and has some family time and down time at home, and best of all knows when this is happening, that is when things go the best. We tried watching the next Star Wars movie yesterday, but didn’t finish all of it. Hunger and tiredness made us decide to postpone it for another day. It’s all good.

Exceptional Moms and Dads, how are those of you on March or Spring Break faring? How do you structure your Exceptional Children’s days? How do they handle changes and do you both decide the activities together or do you as a parent decide for them? For the very young, sometimes that is necessary. Whichever way you go, remember go with your child’s mood and show them that by you staying calm through the changes, winging it and unpredictability has its advantages. I find that when our family just lets go and goes with the flow, allows for breaks and has snacks on board, we will do just fine. Until next time.

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