Winter Camp Stories-Sharing in the Fun


So today Michael is coming home from his Winter Camp adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about the fun he had. His teacher sent a little email update to us last night detailing the fun he had sledding, hiking and roasting marshmallows and smores with his friends. He will undoubtedly ask about what his father and I did when he was away. I plan to tell him Mommy and Daddy had our own Winter Camp fun. I’m sure he’ll be just as excited to hear about our adventures.

I’m so glad that the teacher told me how much he had at camp, and hopefully had as great a time on his last day of camp today. I will be picking him up at school and will find out. I’m also proud at how well he did at bedtime at camp. I had one sleep over when I was his age and did not like being away from home. I did not sleep well at all, but was glad that I tried it. But then again, Michael is more social than I was at his age. Regardless, I think it is great to try new things as a child and adult. It’s the only way you’ll know what you like and don’t like.


Michael will be telling me stories for days to come, and I will enjoy hearing the stories. He will make me feel like I am right there with him. He has a way of doing that. I will try and do the same, and of course, we will be planning out the Spring Break schedule with him as he is home with me all next week.

Exceptional Parents, have your Exceptional Children experienced sleep away camp? If they have was it a positive or negative experience? Did they ask you about your experiences when they were away? It’s important to recount all our adventures, positive and negative, to our children and for them to do the same to us. Only in doing that, can we all learn from each other and see where we’re going and what the future holds. Until next time.


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