Exceptional Couple Time-Our Date Day

So today Michael’s father and I are going to have our own Winter Camp fun! We are planning to have a “date day”, something we have not done in a LONG time. We won’t be doing anything too crazy, but I have booked us a couple massage and we will have a nice dinner out. Mostly I know it will give us a chance to reconnect as a couple, or at least try to. It’s hard when you are parents to talk about anything else except your children. And the rest of the time you end up talking about practicalities like bill paying, home repairs, errands etc. We are both looking forward to to this time, though I have to say that last night felt weird to be “alone” in our home without Michael. Each of us experienced it in a different way.

I had a few moments yesterday morning when I was overcome with emotion and teared up, but I know that Michael’s winter camp adventure and his parents’ will both be filled with new things we will learn, experience, and share with each other. I am planning today to try and talk to my husband about those thoughts that seem to pop into my head at random, but with a busy household and a child that is quite the talker, (like his Mom), doesn’t get to be aired. Consequently, I hope he too gets a chance to share his thoughts, feelings and talk about things that matter to him as an individual. This is something hard for all parents to do, but necessary from time to time if they are to grow as individuals and as a couple.

Exceptional Parents, how good are you at planning date days or nights? Don’t worry if the answer is not very good. Parenting a child is hard work. Parenting a special needs child is a marathon. And when you run a marathon the top priority is to pace yourself; mentally, physically and spiritually. Take care by eating well, exercising and making time for you and adult activities. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun and helps you connect to a deeper part of yourself as well as to your partner. Until next time.

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