New Friends and New Discoveries Of Playing


I love watching how Michael is maturing and growing. He is developing new friendships and distinguishing how he plays with these friends differently. The other day he was telling me about his buddies at school, his best BFF that I have talked about in other posts, and his friends outside of school that he is eager to see and play with. With Spring Break coming up, he is excited that he will be seeing them.

As always, Michael has been modeling for me about growing my friendship circle, something that was very difficult for me to do before he was born. I had a hard time letting people in, even though I am surrounded by many wonderful people around me, friends from childhood, Mom friends I have met since was born, writer friends and recently, some women entrepreneurs in my networking groups that are becoming friends. I am expanding my circle as Michael is because having people in your life is important.

Being social and having connections helps people ward off sickness, depression and as all humans are social creatures, we are meant to be social, to help, to be needed and to create something worthwhile. When we matter to someone and they matter to us, life takes on new meaning, positive meaning, and our direction and purpose for being here on this planet become clear to us.

I am so happy that Michael has taken this message on and is connecting and more importantly, wants to connect. We all connect in different ways. There is not one right way. It’s like that old saying. You can be sitting quietly in a room with someone not saying a word and feel at home. That is what I am fortunate to have with my partner, my family, and my close friends. Thanks Michael for reminding me of the importance of different friendships and relationships.

Exceptional Parents, are you modeling healthy relationships, both family and friends, to your Exceptional Child? Are you showing them the importance of reaching out to others around us, to help, to listen, to just be there. Are you letting your child set the pace? For some children who are less social, they need time and space, for other more extrovert children, they are ready to jump in. No matter which category you or your child fit into, as long as you both have connections, to each other and other important people in your life, it will help you in the long run to be more resilient, happy and healthy. Until next time.


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