Day: February 18, 2016

Exploring Platonic and Romantic Affections


So Michael has a new crush. This time it’s the assistant swim instructor at his adapted local swim program. He gave her a nickname of “snail” and she calls him “turtle,” and she is all he is talking about this days.

“One day I’m going to marry Snail Mommy.”

I smile.

“Michael that is not her name.”

“I know, but it’s my name for her. I love her Mommy. She is so pretty. Can she come and babysit me?”

After this, he waits a few seconds more to add.

“Alexia is still my other girlfriend. I have two.”

I laugh. How could you not? Alexia is a little girl close to his age. We haven’t seen her in awhile, but Michael still remembers giving her big kisses at the pool a few summers ago. To me, it could have been yesterday.



He is also talking so much these days about his platonic male BFF, called Alex. I refer to this little boy as truly his soul brother. They are inseparable when they see each other. The hugs flow freely and the I love you’s. Michael has bonded with a few boys this year, but not like this. Is the same for his buddy. I watch these platonic and and romantic forms of love grow daily with Michael. It is beautiful to see him exploring relationships, seeing where they fit in the world. He is also very affectionate with me lately too. He tells me “God gave me the best mother. I love you,” and my second absolute favorite, “I love hugging you Mommy.” Right before bed each night he does this deep hugs with me, before turning on his side doing a few more cuddles then falling asleep.

Love and friendship are very complex things for all of us to understand. We don’t always know what draws us to a person. Attraction means that they make us feel good inside. They bring out our best as we do for them. It is a beautiful thing to see Michael bringing that beauty out in people outside of our family as well as those people continuing to bring out Michael’s inner beauty.  I am reminded how each of us has something to share with the world, and how important it is to show others that they matter.

Exceptional Parents, in what way have your Exceptional Children touched the lives of those around them? How have those around them responded? It doesn’t have to be with words. There are many ways we affect one another by our actions, our presence, the beauty of a smile or kind gesture. Start to look for these signs in your Exceptional Children. By you looking to those signs, you will surely see more of them blossoming into the world and exploring their own versions of platonic and romantic love. Until next time.