More Exceptional Birthday Parties and Exceptional Growth



Michael had so much fun at an Exceptional friend’s birthday party on Saturday, and of course, so did I. It was such a great afternoon of celebration for the boys and the Moms gathering together and sharing, laughing, commiserating and having a fun time. I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world.

Saturday was one of the best days with Michael I’ve had in months. The token reward system is going really well, Michael and I are getting along. Even on weekends like this weekend when I didn’t have time for yoga and exercise, I still held it together, balanced myself, and felt calm and in control. This is not an easy thing to do being an Exceptional Mom but is mandatory to set the right example for your Exceptional Child. The times I am not able to do this, Michael will sense that I am not as patient, and we will have words and moments, none of which are favorable. So I am glad this past weekend was different.

What stands out the most for me is how patience, being present, and open communication between parent and child make such a big difference in how a day can and does go. I am learning this more and more as the days progress. I am also learning how to sense when I or Michael are, and do my best to fix it so that the day can still be salvaged and a good time can be had. I see this most when Michael and I are among friends, Exceptional friends, and how important being honest with ourselves and each other is. Michael has taught me to be true to myself in many ways, and how to be true to him in the most important way so he can grow and be the best he can be.

Exceptional Parents, how and when has your child taught you the most about yourself and your growth? When have they taught you most about themselves and their possibilities? I’ll bet both times it is when you are present and in the moment, and that usually happens when you are both in your community.  Until next time.

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