Day: February 4, 2016

The Importance of Being Afraid and Doing It Anyway


I have been having a lot of fearful thoughts lately. It has probably been due to a lot of changes happening in my life at one time. Can I handle it all? Am I being the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend I could be? Am I pursuing all the right things in my business, in my writing? I have learned so far in 2016 that a little fear goes a long and positive way. It is true that only by stepping out of our comfort zone can we find true growth. Haven’t I been trying to teach that to Michael?  Yes, that is what the sleep training we are doing now is about, and even some of the behavior tools we are using in the day time.

In the last month, I have really begun seeing that it was when I was most scared and at the edge of my proverbial cliff and took the leap of faith off of it, that good things started to happen. Most importantly, I realized that I felt good about myself, my aspirations and my dreams. It was because I dared to challenge my comfort level. This is something I have known for a long time deep down inside, but have been scared to admit to myself. After all, I could take that jump and fall to my death, right? Or else, like what has been happening, I could suddenly find my wings and fly.

I have been telling Michael lately it’s ok to be afraid, to be confused. It’s not ok to not try something because you are afraid. You’ll always be happy you tried for the experience. And you know what, it’s been true. Michael has tried sports that he didn’t end up sticking too as it was too challenging, other extracurricular activities that weren’t a good fit, and we have struggled to find the right tools to help him with fine motor. Some have worked, some have not, but I see the pride in his face of a job well tried for, whether he has immediate success or not.

“You’ll be proud of me, Mommy. I did my sweater up at school all by myself.”

“Great honey. See! I told you you could do it.”

He was beaming. He was proud of himself.


I’ve seen him go from being shy around people to being an extrovert, from being less to very adventurous with food, and recently, to taking an interest in new activities and being receptive to change. My little boy with all his extra anxiety and issues is showing me that there really is no excuse for me to not go with my fear and take whatever jump off the cliff I need to. That is what all our Exceptional Children are modeling for us parents. We cannot let fear hold us back, but rather to mobilize us forward.

So Exceptional Parents, what fears will you ride to take you to your next challenge and help your life grow bigger and better? Remember, you were put here to do great things, just like your child. But good things don’t come without risk. So ride the roller coaster of life and remember to  breathe. You’ll make it. Until next time.