Exceptional Organizing and Chore Help

Today is day 2 of Spring Break. We have a play date planned in the afternoon and in the morning, our Psycho Educator is coming to the house to chat with Michael about his progress with sleeping training. This has been going very well, other than a night or two of silly behavior. It’s to be expected. 🙂 Still,  I am very pleased with his progress. He is growing up.

I also want to get some house organizing work done, particularly in Michael’s bedroom and the play area in the basement. I have increasingly been seeing how Michael has been helpful with some chores, bringing his plate to the sink, preparing his own lunches and snacks, and occasionally putting his clothes away. That one is a challenge still. 🙂  We are working at slowly getting Michael to do more around the house, and realize that Mom and Dad need help keeping the house in order. It is family business, and we all work as a team just like we all work as a team when we are helping him, “Team Michael.” His toys are a mess and it’s time we organize them. There are many he is not even playing with anymore. Time for a purge and a trip to his old preschool to give the gently used toys a good home! Michael also enjoys giving toys to those kids who need it. He likes giving to charities that support kids who don’t have a lot. I often give his old clothes to places like that and that makes us all feel happy that we are making a difference.

Exceptional Parents, how are your children with organizing themselves and helping with chores around house? The confidence I’ve seen in Michael since we have started involving him is amazing. At school he is a little helper as well. It is great. It is helping him grow more as an individual and us as his parents see what he is capable of. Until next time.



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