Breathe, Focus, Delegate-Rules for the Whole Family


It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you stay in the present moment, are honest with yourself, and ask for help. These are techniques that I have been showing Michael to do, and without realizing it at first, he has been showing to me and his father to do them too. I can say that we are all mastering these techniques together, checking in with each other, and making out a life schedule that works for all of us. We fine tune when it is necessary, cut ourselves some slack when we make mistakes, and move on. What has been amazing to me is that all the hard work of the past few months is slowly coming to fruition. Each of us, in their own way, have been growing as people. Michael has been testing his limits with us,  feeling powerless in some areas, and being unsure how to handle things. As he saw he could talk to his school psychologist, and his father and I have shown me positive attention when he acted appropriately and asked for help with his emotions, it’s like a light bulb went off in his head this past month. He has started using the calming down techniques he has been taught, asking for boundaries when he needs, hugs when he’s scared, and behaving appropriately. He’s been handling stress better than me this week and has been, dare I say it, zen like. 🙂

For my part, I have been learning to be honest with myself about my own feelings of control, patience and when I am overreacting to things or not reacting enough. I have been observing myself, my inconsistencies in handling situations with Michael and in my own life, and have been making changes. It feels so good. I am battling inner emotional demons that I have no more use for, but who had started rearing their ugly heads when the trouble with Michael started again three months ago. I see that I am stronger than I was, and that I don’t need to be afraid. I can let things go, anger about events, at people, and forgive them and myself. After all, we all human and fallible, me included. Michael’s father is learning these same technique and it is making a huge difference in all our lives.

Exceptional Parents,  when was the last time you sat down and stayed in your moment breathing and seeing things as they really are? Not sugar coating your life is painful at first, frustrating at other times, but it is the only way to grow and see what needs to change in order for balance to be present again. Balance in any form means pruning away the old roots to make room for the new plant to grow. Don’t be afraid to step back as a parent and ask for help, then put a new plan of action into effect. You and your whole family will be better for it. Until next time.

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