Simple Moments, Serious Family and Friend Fun


It has struck me recently that the more serious life gets for our family, the more we need, as a family, to get out and have some good old fashioned simple fun. Sounds like an oxymoron, right, but it really works. With the anxieties and lack of control Michael has been feeling in his life, and hence I’m thinking part of the reason why he has been challenging his father and I much more, simple fun like tubing with his Dad on a Sunday morning, going out for a smoothie with his Mom, and playing outside in the snow with a good friend, seem to be the balm he needs to be a typical kid home on a PED DAY or a weekend. And for us, his parents, we are so happy to do these simple regular family activities with Michael. It gives us all a chance to have fun, laugh, and forget about fixing things for awhile. We all need these times I believe, kids and adults both.

Being with Michael in moments like this also gives us the chance as his parents to recharge our parenting batteries doing typical everyday stuff with him that all kids like to do. Lately with his challenging behaviors, testing, questions and negotiations, it has been a mentally exhausting time parenting him. There have been mornings I wake up stressed, dreading the drama and episodes of tantrums that sometimes ensued. This happened, that is, before I learned how to get calm inside myself and manifest that calm on the outside. Part of doing this was by self-care techniques, the other part was in remembering my son is not a project to be fixed, completed. He is a little boy who needs to have fun, let loose and do kid things too. As our family has gravitated more towards these moments, it makes the other more challenging moments small in comparison. We remember how much fun Michael is, how he lights up each moment with his enthusiasm, and how he continues to inspire his parents to be better human beings. Then we can draw on these times when he is driving us crazy in those other moments. We remember what our job as parents is in the first place. We are but his guides in this world, as he lives his life and purpose which is still unfolding.


Exceptional Parents, what simple activities do you do as a family that help you remember your child’s purpose and yours as his parents? Remember, our children need therapy, need tools to help with their challenges, but most of all, they need to be just like other children and play, have fun and experience the simple things in life. This will help them be happier and healthier individuals, as it will their parents. Until next time .


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