Exceptional Handling of New People on “Team Michael”


I am so relieved. I thought I would burst into tears in the psychiatrist’s office yesterday when he put mine and Michael’s father’s nerves to rest that Michael is fine, and that his challenging behaviors are due to autism, not anything more sinister at least to us. We have to have a new game plan for the home, new professionals will be joining “team Michael” as we are calling it, and though there will be juggling and stress up ahead, we will get through it as we always do. Michael, though nervous about and about what is awaiting him in the future, is starting to understand what we are expecting of him. He is slowly learning how to calm himself down, that he has to let new people in at times who will help him and us on this journey, and that he will not always have control. This  is a hard lesson for even a neuro typical adult, never mind a child with autism. But he is slowly finding his way. His father and I are also looking at changes we could make in our home environment, keep our expectations of him clear, staying on the same page. These are things that are challenging for most families at the best of times. I am happy to say that we are on our way. And now that I know what we are dealing with again, I can proceed with more confidence, and as before, trust my mother’s caregiver’s instinct and in God that I will be led to to the right people to help Michael.


Today leaving the doctor’s office I felt so relieved, overjoyed even with the new work ahead of us. There are no guarantees for our children, no one size fits all solution to fix problems, but there are always new things to try, things to look out for, ways to reach our children if we play “behavioral detectives” so to speak. With our exceptional children this can be challenging as not all behaviors and their reactions are created equal. Sometimes things make sense. Sometimes a behavior does not make sense. I know though that if I and Michael’s Dad stay strong, compare notes, share these notes with our team, we will be in the best position to help Michael. And Michael is willing to do the work to make the positive changes too.

Exceptional Parents, how is your “Team child’s name working? Is there anyone that you need to add or remove to make the team complete? What do your caregiver/mother’s /father’s instinct tell you is bugging your child or is a positive attribute? Remember that you are the best detectives when it comes to your children’s behavior, their best advocate and the one to help them create positive patterns in the family. Until next time.

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