Exceptionally Cool Winter Activities

Winter is finally here! Yeah! Now those were words I’d never thought I’d hear myself say, out loud or on paper. But when you have a very active little boy whose sensory joys including playing in and eating snow, you are glad when it finally arrives! And this year Michael is even more interested in trying out new activities outside. Exceptional or not, winter brings out the kid in all of us and the fun of playing carefree outside. So here I have compiled some fun winter outdoor activities (weather pending), that will help pass the months that soon belong long for all parents.

5 Great Winter Activities To Do With Your Exceptional Child:

  1. Sledding: A chariot, smaller sleigh or tube and a nice hill of whatever size is all you need, or maybe two sleights, so you and your child can wiz down at top speed and have the time of your lives! And best of all, it’s a fun and free activity!
  2. Public skating indoor or outdoor: Yes, it’s not that easy at first as child and parent have to learn to balance on skates, but it sure is fun, and once again, economical if you go to your local community center. We pay $2.00 for two of us to skate. It’s free on the outdoor rinks.
  3. Build a snow fort or snow man: Once again fun and free. You use creativity, snow, and silliness and you’ve got a few hours of energy to expend.
  4. Go for a walk: Yes, you can still do this on mild days when the snow has been cleared and it’s not icy. I always promise a trip home for hot chocolate at the end, with marshmallows. šŸ™‚
  5. Skiing: Once you rent or have the gear, it can be great family fun and exercise. Weather permitting, it’s the best combination of being outside, seeing nature and moving. Again, the promise of exercise, or sometimes a fun lunch can help with motivation. šŸ™‚


Having Michael has reminded me of my own childhood where my parents made sure we got out there and moving. I’m so glad he enjoys being outdoors as much as I did, and I look forward to him enjoying new things each year as he matures. Of course, sometimes sensory issues, tiredness and anxiety play their part. Always have their sensory bag with you, snacks and water, and be ready to follow their cues if your child is not enjoying the activity at hand. You can always try again on another day when they are rested and refreshed.

Exceptional Parents, what are your favorite winter activities that you like to do with your Exceptional Child? What makes you both laugh and have a blast? Whatever you choose to do, just remember to get out there and move. It’s good for the body, mind and soul, and will help all of you live your exceptional family life to the fullest. Until next time.



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