Haircuts and Other Adventures


Today I took Michael for his regular haircut. He was reminding me last week on New Year’s Eve Day to be exact, that he needed a haircut.

“I’ll be swimming every week again soon Mommy. I need short hair to make it easier. Plus it’s itchy at my neck.” And he scratched at his neck to emphasize this point to make this clear. It was a cute moment.

Of course our New Year’s Eve Day was extremely busy with breakfast out, groceries and sledding with a friend. Squeezing in a haircut would have been that much more complicated so I booked his haircut yesterday after school. We ended up going a little later than planned due to a late bus drop off and homework, but he did fabulously. He chatted up the hairdresser, told her his life story and then revealed that he is a vampire detective after she gave him a cool short haircut with spiky bangs. He made her laugh and me too. Never a dull moment.

He was very excited when he got home at the same time as his father did. Michael showed off the new haircut, reiterated how much fun he had playing on the slide at the hairdresser, seeing the other kids, and then persuaded his father to let him look at maps on Google. He mapped his way around our area then we had a later supper. Oh uh. Yes, you guessed it. The evening was tough, but we survived and I put a new plan into place for bedtime which we would start the next day.

There were several things that happened unpredictably today, but I have to say that seeing him in action with others being social, happy and even when expressing his angry outbursts which can be frightening, I see that he is coming into his own slowly. I just try to be patient and give him what he needs while teaching Michael how to regulate his emotions which are so hard for him. Sometimes like tonight, I fail to see the signs until it is too late. We are learning together.

How do you handle your Exceptional Children’s happy hyper and more anxious moments? When things don’t go as planned how do you manage, Exceptional Parents? I think that as long as you are modeling deep breathing, a walk and then talking about feelings that is good for stressful and angry outbursts. For happy hyper moments, just stay focused and enjoy them, their energy, and if you can’t,  excuse yourself until you have the energy to manage things. I’ve had to do that at times too. Life is not predictable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t cherish the good moments and learn from the bad. Remember, your child and you are learning about each other together. Until next time.

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