Winter Snow Storms and Exceptional Fun Outside

IMAG1303 (002).jpg

A big snow storm hit the city this morning and I couldn’t have been happier. I was hoping and praying for snow for a long time. All the rain we had was beginning to make me want to climb the walls, and though the walks Michael and I took the other day were great, we both wanted, dare I say it, the white stuff. I always enjoy snow at this time of the year, even if by March I want it to go far far away as most people do.

I especially was excited when it hit, as Michael and I have been planning for months on his Winter Holiday Break what games we could play outside. We would have snow ball fights, building a snowman and go sledding. Yes, whooshing down the hill at top speed brings me back to my childhood, and how good and free and fun and in the moment it was. So, though we couldn’t drive anywhere with the poor visibility and super big accumulation making up for lost times, we shoveled out the car and top part of the driveway (the snow plow company took care of the rest) :), and then went to the backyard to attempt snowman building and snowball fights, but the snow was too powdery. So we settled on Michael’s new little friends, the Minions, coming out side with us for some light sledding fun. It was a blast and when we came in afterwards we had hot chocolate in our new favorite cups that Santa brought us, decked out with marshmallow on top. 🙂 It was a simple and pleasurable day.


I also managed to squeeze in some housework, and even did a little bit of work on my latest novel. Writing is usually something that suffers at this time of year with visiting family, friends and the extra housework with two individuals home full time with me. 🙂  But this year we are getting back in balance slowly. Not all moments are easy, but overall it is good. Most important, Michael is talking to me, communicating what is bothering him, and reminding me to take small pleasures, be in the moment, and act like a kid as much as I can during this holiday season from the fun foods to the extra fun times.

Exceptional Parents, what are some of your favorite parts of winter and winter playing with your children? Do they like the snow, do you enjoy simple family time when you can? They will remember this more than any gift they have received from a store and will talk about it for years to come. For me, it was those times with my parents that I treasure most, and Michael is reminding me to be a kid again and  pass those things on to him. Happy snow frolicking, and if there is no snow where you are, happy playing in the moment with your child whatever fun you have! Until next time.


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