Long Walks, Winter Fun, and Holiday Bonding


Over the weekend Michael and I took two nice long walks. It was  a lot of fun! There was no snow on the ground, we both had energy to burn after eating massive amounts of food at our two Christmas celebrations, and we needed something to do to pass the time as no snow had fallen for building snowmen and going sledding. 🙂

We walked on Michael’s favorite big stretch of a busy street on the first day and then on to a nearby park, and on the second day we just did a shorter walk around the neighborhood. On our walks is where I learn so much of what is going on in Michael’s head. The other time is at bedtime usually, when he opens up about his hopes and fears. On these walks, I heard about the usual things he was excited about; holiday lunches, his birthday presents, going skating (which we finally did yesterday),  and future play dates. I also heard something new though. He spoke about feeling overloaded with thoughts and emotions sometimes,  on difficulties interacting with his cousins who are neuro typical, and getting up early as it was his vacation and fun time. He also was happy in expressing his excitement about the activities we planned as a family and at other times did not shy away from telling me he loved me. It was all very sweet and I stayed in the present with him, in the moment. It’s the best place to be when you are with a child or with anybody really. 🙂

Michael is an amazing little boy who is learning how to talk about his emotions and deal with very real feelings of happiness, sadness and confusion. He is learning how to channel some of his energy into physical activity, do creative pretend play on his own again, and play with the many wonderful toys and games he received as gifts for both Christmas and his birthday. Michael is growing up, expressing his wants and needs in a way and letting me and his father know what he needs. Sometimes this comes out in a an angry way, but more often than not, he is expressing himself in a happy and positive way, or telling me about his excitement or disappointment in a way that I can at least try and help fix or address the issue. I am proud of my little boy and know I am doing all to help him be the best he can be. His Dad and I are communicating better about how to parent him, and being honest when we make mistakes. After all, most parents have moments when they mess up once in awhile. If we can show our child that these are learning opportunities for us as well as for them, we are all on the right path.

Exceptional Parents, what are the moments when your Exceptional Children have most opened up to you? Is it on walks, at bedtime, doing chores? When have you both had teachable moments? I think that all of us, kids and adults, learn from each other all time, and that as long as we keep an open mind and heart, activities like walks, outings and simple times we simply just talk to one another, can be great moments of learning and growing for each of us. Here’s to you and your child having many more of those moments in the soon to be new year. Until next time.

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