Exceptional Birthday Celebrations and Coming of Ages


Today is Michael’s birthday. He changed my world when he came into it at 1:33 am on Dec. 28th. My life, my world was never the same again. My perspective changed, as I realized that I was now responsible for caring, nurturing and raising another human being to adulthood and making him the best possible person I could. This little frail beautiful boy was entrusted to me, and I prayed to God that I had the strength to help him achieve all that he was mean to achieve here.

Today Michael will be opening up his presents  under the tree as he is a holiday baby, 🙂 and we will all be putting up balloons and other decorations with him for his special day. His father and I will also be taking him out to lunch at his favorite Indian buffet followed by cake, water, juice (for Michael and his little cousins), and coffee/tea for adults with his aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents later in the afternoon. It is a tradition long honored by all of us since he was a baby. I can’t believe my little baby is now a little boy, and he is growing more and more each year and enjoying this family tradition. He is helping me and his father grow too as we watch him soar and handle all things, good and bad, with maturity and a wise soul older than his years at times.


Birthdays have always been special times for me. My birthday and my family’s have been moments to think about the passage of time, aging, maturity, and how quickly life goes. It’s truly important to live in the moment, appreciate the little things as they usually become the big things, and learn to grow and help others around us grow and appreciate the small details of life happening around us. Michael has opened up my world in this way. When I have a difficult day, I always say to myself now, how often did I stay in the moment, in the present? How often did I remember that these negative moments, tensions, these too shall pass? Sometimes I am more successful than at other times in doing this, but I always remember the lesson for the future. Michael, being an exceptional child, has showed me how important it is to slow down, smell the roses, and appreciate the journey to get to my destination as much as the destination itself.

How do you celebrate birthdays with your Exceptional Child, Exceptional Parents? Do you mark it with a big party, more intimate party? Do you mark it with cake, drinks, presents? What does your child like about their birthday? I have learned that as long as I let Michael be my guide, whatever way we celebrate, we will have success. I encourage you to let your Exceptional Child be your guide as well. Remember, their birthday is a magical day. It is the day they joined you in the world and changed your life forever. Celebrate it in a way that honors them as it honors all people who come into the world to make it a better, brighter place. Until next time.


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