Planning the Holidays and Cleaning As Therapy-Exceptional Tools


So we have arrived. It is officially Michael’s and my Christmas Holidays. Michael has pretty much planned out most of the activities on his dry erase calendars (a great tool a previous Psycho Educator told me about), and I am racing against the clock to get the house clean and organized for the holidays. I know it’s only going to get messy five seconds later, but hey, what can I say? A clean house even for five seconds relaxes me. I have even had moments when cleaning said house can be relaxing. I know, it sounds strange, but it does. I’ve learned that it’s like Michael planning out the holidays on his dry erase board. When he is organized, he feels better. When I am organized, I fee l better too. Another life lesson Michael is teaching me.


But I am also learning there are some things I can’t plan for. Today Michael’s Dad and I were supposed to go for a couples massage on a date day/night that we have postponing for far too long. Unfortunately, we came down with colds and are still getting over them. Oh well. A date to look forward to in 2016, and the good news is, we’ll probably all be healthy by Christmas Eve.

I have had to readjust my priorities and schedules this year with balancing my business, blog writing, handling new issues with Michael and taking care of the house. It hasn’t always gone smoothly, and I have my good days and bad days. I plan and organize for what I can, and deal with what I have to when it comes up. Sometimes this goes really well, like the other day. I zipped through a day of delivering Michael’s cupcakes to school, last minute holiday shopping and gift wrapping all before the bus arrived. Whew! Then there are days like yesterday. My expectations were way off for what our family could and would do. I had pictured us all going off to church happily. Well, that didn’t happen. Blame it on our colds, miscommunication between my spouse and I, and Michael’s nervousness around spirituality. Another topic for another day. Trust me. I felt so discouraged, so let down, and so sorry for myself. My neat plans on my dry erase board were wiped out unceremoniously. I cried, I raged, I sulked.

When I emerged from my fog after praying for God to give me strength to be strong for Michael, for me, and my husband we ended up having a nice afternoon. Autism and the holidays are challenging, but with time, patience, and allowing yourself some time to admit feelings of sadness and anger then move on from there, it gets easier. Michael and his Dad gave me my space and I heard them calmly interacting. That reminded me that even in times of challenge, we can get through things. It’s not as hard as we think, if we just ask for the the Universe or God to get us through the hard times.

Exceptional Parents, how do your Exceptional Children get you to organize your life? How do you deal with unpredictability and the ups and downs of being an Exceptional Parent? It’s not easy. Our children are the ones living with the challenges of a world that doesn’t always understand them, but for us, it means we have to be that much stronger to help them through those times. Preparing yourself when you can, taking a time out at other times, you’ll know which you need to do as you go further along in your journey. Here’s wishing the final countdown until your holiday celebrations go smoothly, and wishing you therapeutic cleaning while you get there. 🙂 Until next time.

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