Craft Activities and Exploring New Avenues


I am very happy that Michael has become interested in signing holiday Christmas cards for his friends. He has also become interested in trying to do different craft activities, and has even started becoming curious about Lego. This is good as his interests are increasing and he is going in new directions. It’s comforting for me to know he is going a little out of his comfort zone and I am proud of him that he is trying new things.

He has gotten me to do the very same thing. I have taken up new interests, began trying different things and being more adventurous overall. The main areas have been in baking and venturing out to meet new people, things that were difficult for me to do before. It’s a great feeling to learn new skills, figure out how to do things in a new way, and conquer past fears of things. He is my brave little adventurer, and now I have learned how to be brave too.

What new things have your Exceptional Children gotten you to explore in your own life? How have they grown in the past year and in what ways do you see them growing in the next year? Life is a wonderful adventure if we remember to look at it that way ourselves, and expose our children to many different things so they can feel the same way about trying new things. On to new adventures for all of us. Until next time.

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