School Santa Breakfast and Exceptional Childhood Memories


Today is the Annual Santa Breakfast at Michael’s school. It is a day that the kids go into school in their pajamas, visit with Santa who comes to see them with goodies, and sing and dance to Christmas carols. Michael, like many other children, also love the fact he gets to full a full “fun”breakfast of pancakes, sausages, cereal and juice. He enjoys this in addition to the usual pizza lunch. 🙂 It is a day where lots of fun memories are made and the kids and adults alike feel the magic. The years I volunteered on the Parent Committee at this function were wonderful times for me, for not only Santa visits but Mrs. Claus and the elves. I had the honor of being Mrs. Claus one year and one of Santa’s elves during other years, and it was always amazing that Michael recognized me and either Mrs. Claus or an elf, but never question who Santa was. But I digress. 🙂


This time of year shows us lots of magic if we are not afraid to look for it with a child’s eye, especially an exceptional child. They have a way of viewing them world with an innocence that is often not present in other children. Sure they can still become materialistic and demanding if that is what we show them the holidays mean to us. However, if we model giving, family, community and fun at this time of year, our children will follow our lead. If schools talk about giving to those less fortunate too and parents model that, our kids will see what the holidays are really about, appreciation for those around us, family and community and good old fashioned fun and laughter.

Exceptional Parents, what traditions make you and your Exceptional Child/ren smile at this time of year? Are there particular school traditions and/or home ones that make you smile? They can be as simple as holiday baking or going to see a production of The Nutcracker or a party with family and friends. Whatever it is you do, remember the fun and excitement of the time you have planning for it and the joy you have in celebrating it. Wishing you and your Exceptional Family lots of happy holiday memories as you count down to the special day. 🙂


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