Writing Christmas Cards and Building Gingerbread Houses

So last week I finally got all my Christmas cards done and mailed out. It’s always an enjoyable process for me though. I take out the address book, my cards, Michael’s picture. After that, I light some candles and put on some soft Christmas music. I used to hate doing it at night as I was so tired, especially after Michael was born. But now I love it. I love sitting down with a nice glass of wine, the candles burning, and soft Christmas music playing while I write my cards and think fondly of the people I am sending them too. Sometimes I even put in a personal note or story. It depends. Michael has asked me about the cards and smiled when I told him I do this. I don’t know if this is something he will do one day, but it is part of one of my favorite traditions growing up. I watched my Mom do her cards, and I carry through doing them as well.

Michael is helping me build new traditions as well. Today we built our second Gingerbread house. It didn’t go as smoothly as we thought, but we had lots of fun doing it. That’s what counts, right? He is opening my eyes to different traditions as I am exposing him to the ones I do. We also composed a letter to Santa that I mailed out today. It’s all fun, and I’m excited to be expanding our traditions each year.


What traditions, old and new, do you embark on with your Exceptional Children? What new ones have their introduced to you? It’s always an adventure with our children, but I like the idea of expanding the old and bringing in the new. I also like how Michael and I are influencing each other in what we like to do, and in what’s important to us. I encourage all parents to go with your child’s interest in the holidays and gently show them your traditions. You’ll have fun and learn from each other all the while. Until next time.

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