Caroling and Getting Into The Exceptional Spirit


I have always known that Michael has an amazing singing voice with a photographic memory for song lyrics since the time he was three years old, talking and singing all the children’s song lyrics with me. I’ll never forget when his first ABA Therapist began working with him at four years old and he started showing off his singing skills to her. They had a “song program” to help with language. After one visit, she told me they would be removing it as he knew more of the verses than her! I laughed and said he was just like me. I’d always enjoyed singing and memorized song lyrics after hearing them only once or twice. I used to joke that too bad my voice wasn’t better. I would have made a great pop star!

This year is no different, as Michael continues to enjoy singing Christmas carols with me and performing for his father and I. With enough confidence, practice and getting exposure on a stage, I can see him performing in choirs and in plays once we get his anxiety under control. It has been great to be caroling around the house with him. He said to me last year he would like to go around our neighborhood singing door to door as I did when I was a child. Times are different now though. I tell him that most people don’t open up their doors and some find this intrusive. It would be better to perform in a public choir at church or in another public venue. I can see this happening for Michael when he is older, and able to control the anxiety and other issues better.

I am excited to see this part of him emerging though. With all the ups and downs of the last six months, my little boy is growing up, seeing his positive qualities, learning about giving to those less fortunate and talking about his future. Tonight we talked about homework, poverty and why some people do not have enough to eat, finishing with how he wants to be a Daddy and how can this happen. I was so scared this was the “sex” talk and I was not ready for it. Really all he wanted to know was if he had to learn to read and write to become a Daddy. We told him yes. šŸ™‚

What surprises do your Exceptional Children throw at you Exceptional Moms and Dads? I’ll bet just when you think you have them figured out, they ask a question that gets you to say, “why this now?” or “cool, that’s my kid!” Never stop believing in their potential or in your own as their parents to help encourage and guide them in their journey. And I wish you much caroling in the weeks ahead. Until next time.

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