The Pros and Cons Of Holiday Parties for Exceptional Parents


It’s the time of year for those holiday parties. Work parties, friend parties, and parties with family. Sometime as Exceptional Moms and Dads, we are all for going out. Other times it is just too exhausting a thing to do. This year I am in such a situation. As tensions and responsibilities rise on the home front, I find myself asking, do I really want to go out for my holiday writers’ parties, parties with friends and business colleagues? And the answer is a very definite yes and no, depending on my mood and the time of day as well as time of week. 🙂 For now, I have decided that I will most definitively go, but pace myself with the expectations I have for myself during that week. For instance, the nights I am not going out, I will go to bed SUPER early, like BABY early. I will ask for Michael’s Dad to take over some of the bedtime routine which at times is difficult when I am already tired. And I will finally, finally start exercising during the day at some point again to boost my physical and emotional energy along with my yoga and meditation. You could call this my early New Years’ Resolution.

I need both of these energies in handling the extra demands of Michael’s extra anxiety, as well as my own with the upcoming holidays, or rather the planning and preparing for them. The actual holiday plans will take place next week with figuring out a schedule for Michael.  Last night at bedtime, he asked me why I was angry. I said I wasn’t, I was just tired. But he was right. I was angry. Angry about the way I’ve been handling some of his new issues, at myself for not having as much energy as I’d like, and angry that I don’t feel in the Christmas spirit. Time to cut myself some slack, chill out on some nights this week, and most importantly, try and eat, sleep and exercise well. Thanks for the reminder son! And I will have to see whether holiday plans are in this picture or not.

Exceptional Parents, how much do you enjoy the holiday parties? Are they getaways for you from the stress of being an Exceptional Parent, or another thing on your to-do-list? How do you decide whether to go or not? I think that as long as you stay true to your core, to what you really want to do inside, the rest will fall into place. Remember, nurture yourself too and your body and mind. Sometimes we need leisure, sometimes sleep. 🙂 Get quiet and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you to the right decision. Until next time.

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