Day: December 4, 2015

Holiday Decorating and Family Fun

So it is that time of year again to decorate for the Christmas holidays. Some of our neighbors have already beaten us to it, and at school Michael and his friends have put up the Christmas tree. He is as excited as his father and I are to put up the tree, our holiday lights and the decoration around the house, and I don’t just think it is because of the promised hot chocolate treat to follow. 🙂

There was a time when Michael did not understand any of our holiday decorating tradition and Christmas was very much a strange, loud and overly intense holiday for him. Sure there are probably still moments when he feels this way,to some extent we all do, but most of the time now he is understanding the beauty of the holidays. Decorating is only the start of it all, and as usual, I am looking forward to it unfolding. As Michael has gotten older, things have gotten easier. He’s able to tell us when things are hard on him. We can fine tune some of the family traditions that are hard for him and enjoy the rest that are easy.

It’s amazing to see the little boy growing up before my eyes, writing his list to Santa, watching his holiday tv specials, reading his holiday books, and talking about the special things that happen at this time of year. He is looking forward to seeing Santa, his holiday lunch at school, and all the other fun family and friend activities that will be going on.

Exceptional Parents, are the holidays a joyful time for you and your Exceptional Children overall? What is the easiest and most difficult part for you and them? I’m sure your children and you have many joyful moments together and you have learned to get through the tough times together pretty well. Never forget to share the magic of the season in the way that is easiest for you and your child. Until next time.