Love, Anger and Acceptance


Michael is learning a lesson a lot of adults have difficulty with. We can be angry at someone while still loving them at the same time. This has been coming out lately when he and I have a fight or the other day when he heard his father and I fighting. We try not to fight in front of him. I remember witnessing my own parents fighting and how it tore me up inside. But sometimes our best intentions go through the window. When you have three tired people you will get fights and disagreements from time to time.

After everything had calmed down, I spoke with Michael about how people who love each other sometimes fight. He nodded seeming to understand. I made sure he saw his father and I apologizing to each other, and reminding him that we care about each other. Fights happen because of misunderstandings, not lack of love. I think he got it and it was a good reminder to myself and his father too. We need to remember that at the heart of every fight is usually misunderstandings, hurt feelings, exhaustion, but love and friendship is there too. This is what we must hold on to. His father and I both expressed regret and are going to try and see the other one’s point of view from now on.

How do your Exceptional Children handle anger? Do they think you don’t love them or do they know the root of anger is hurt and misunderstandings? How do you handle this, Exceptional Moms and Dads our there? I hope, like I learned, that you remind your Exceptional Child that you love them no matter what they do. Of course they need, like you, to use acceptable behavior and if not there are consequences. We love each other even when we don’t like what the other person does. Until next time.


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